VR 360 Space Sci Fi Roller Coaster

Welcome to another amazing VR 360 TV production,. This video will transport you to a future sci fi fantasy ocean world, were you will ride an awesome futuristic roller coaster. Sitting inside the cockpit of an actual spaceship you will follow a roller coaster track that turns, spins, loops, climbs, drops, banks at high speed.

The coaster travels over a realistic ocean with waves, swells and the ocean sound of the sea. If this was not enough for your senses to take, you will also be inspired by the fantastic space sky, with its giant planet, moons and inedible nebula. As you are travelling at speed you will also here the radio dog fight talk that adds to the sense of realism to the ride. 360 videos can be viewed on any device, if you are using a PC, use a browser that supports 360 videos such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you are watching on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, make sure you download the YouTube app, you can then swipe around with your finger to see the full 360 degrees of the video. You can also move your phone around to see the 360 as well.

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