VR 360 Corkscrew Roller Coaster full movie video for Oculus Quest and HTC Vive

Welcome to another VR 360 TV production, this VR video will turn your knuckles white with extreme excitement and fear as you ride the famous corkscrew roller coaster. Be prepared to have your virtual body experience high G-forces as the ride accelerates down a massive camel back run towards the double corkscrew.

A corkscrew is a twisting inversion designed like a corkscrew. Arrow Dynamics designed the world's first corkscrew inversion. The 360 ride banks left and right to various elevated curves and helix turns as it then hits the incline loop at high velocity. If it were not for the rider restraint you would most probably be thrown clear of the ride before the first turn. The restraint is a device to prevent the rider from leaving the roller coaster train while it's in motion. The fundamental idea of the restraint is to protect the rider and keep them in the proper riding position throughout the duration of the ride. Commonly found restraints include lap bars, over-the-shoulder restraints and seat belts.

360 videos can be viewed on any device, if you are using a PC, use a browser that supports 360 videos such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are watching on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, make sure you download the YouTube app, you can then swipe around with your finger to see the full 360 degrees of the video. You can also move your phone around to see the 360 as well.

However the best way to view 360 is in a VR headset such as an Oculus Quest or HTC Vive, although these headsets are amazing but can be a bit expensive. The best way to experiment with VR is to buy a headset to put your phone in, such as a low cost google cardboard on amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Virtual-Real...

Here are some links to investigate more about virtual reality https://store.google.com/gb/product/g... https://www.oculus.com/quest/?locale=... https://www.vive.com/uk/

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