VR 360 Ocean Roller Coaster

In this virtual reality 360 roller coaster movie video, you will feel like you are really on a roller coaster in the middle of the open ocean. You can just about feel the salty air rushing through your hair, as you travel at high speed through loops, turns, twists at high G force. The roller coaster travels at speed past other fun rides such as a Ferris wheel, spin around rides and the dodgems.

All this on an amazingly realistic ocean, with high waves and the sound of the open sea. This experience can look great on a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Quest or the HTC vive or even on your smart phone using a google cardboard or one of the new plastic headsets.

Here are some links to investigate more about virtual reality https://store.google.com/gb/product/g... https://www.oculus.com/quest/?locale=... https://www.vive.com/uk/

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